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Piper's Hose
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Piper’s Hose, also referred to as Popcorn Top Hose. Extremely popular with Pipe Bands. 

Available in:
White, Off-White, Navy Blue, Bottle Green and Black


Price: $40.00
Polo Mints
Polo Mints
Price: $1.50

Practice Chanters

A. Children's (PC-CH) $55.00

B. Adult (PC-AD) $60.00

C. McCallum Short Wood (PC-SWO) $110.00

D. Long (PC-LO) $85.00

E. McCallum Plastic (PC-PL) $110.00

F. McCallum Wood (PC-WO) $160.00

Price: $55.00
Practice Pipe

A step up from the Goose Chanter. The Practice Pipes have two pleasant sounding drones that create a fuller sound than the Goose Chanter. This is great for practicing and entertaining friends and guests without overpowering them.

Price: $155.00

Premium Kilt Pins

Pewter with enameled enhancements.

Available as Pipes or Drums

Price: $38.00
Premium Piping Gloves
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Premium version of the Fingerless Piping Gloves. The material is noticeably warmer and tougher, so they will last longer, and keep you warmer.  The Top is sewn in such a way that won't fray, and stays tighter around the fingers.  Overall, a large improvement over an already great product. 

Small is for children. Medium fits most men and women.  Large is very large hands

List Price: $27.00
Price: $24.00

Prince Charlie Jacket and Vest

Our Prince Charlie Jacket is 100% wool barathea with silk braided epaulets.
Available in regular and long sizes.
36” to 46” Chest  $420.00
48” and up Chest  $440.00

*The Prince Charlie Jacket is considered the equivalent of a Tuxedo Jacket, whereas the Argyle Jacket is considered the equivalent of Suit Jacket

Price: $420.00


Price: $4.50

PVC Kiltie Apron

A great gift for your husband or boyfriend to encourage him to cook. Our most popular apron.

Price: $20.00
Reed Protector

Protects the reed while chanter is out of the chanter stock.

Price: $20.00

Regular Pipe Case

With felt lined interior, lock and corner protectors.

Price: $95.00
Ribena 1 Liter
Ribena Concentrated Blackcurrant Juice Drink - 1 Liter Bottle
Price: $8.00

Robert Burns Horn Handle Sgian Dubh
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Synthetic horn handle with faux amber stone and Burns verse:
"My heart's in the Highlands;
     my heart is not here.
My heart's in the Highlands;
     a chasing the deer."
Price: $65.00
Saltire Kilt
Saltire Kilt - Soft blue background with lion rampant in lower front portions and the Saltire (St. Andrew’s Cross) pleated in back. Sizes in 2" increments from 32" to 50".
Sizes 32” to 44 waist”  $450.00
Sizes 46” and up  $495.00

Price: $450.00

Santa's Favorite Piping Tunes
Santa's Favorite Piping Tunes book provides bagpipe sheet music for your favorite Christmas tunes.
Price: $15.00
Sarson's Malt Vinegar
Sarson's Malt Vinegar (200mL Bottle)
Price: $3.00

Scenes of Scotland

Ceramic plate and stand. Boxed. Great gift for a Scot.

Price: $23.00
Scot's Guards
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Scot's Guards Standard Settings of Pipe Music
The Gold Standard of Pipe Music
Volume 1 & 2

Price: $75.00

Scottie Dog Black Christmas Ornament
Black Scottie Dog Christmas Ornament with Thistle on his back.
Price: $13.00
Scottish Clan Tie
Scottish Clan Tie incorporates images of many of the Scottish clan tartans. Very colorful and interesting!
Price: $25.00

Scottish Dancer Figurine

Clothtique Possible Dreams Scottish Dancing Girl

Approximately 8 inches tall

List Price: $30.00
Price: $10.00
Scottish Luckenbooth Thistle Bone China

Fine Bone Thistle Pattern China

Handcrafted in South West Scotland

A. Sugar & Creamer Set - $45.00

B. Fluted Mug - $15.00 each

C. 4-Cup Teapot - $58.00
    6-Cup Teapot - $70.00

D. Bread & Butter Plate (~7 inches) - $15.00 each

E. Salad Plate (~9 inches) - $24.00

F. Dinner Plate (~11 inches) - $32.00 each

G. Soup/Salad/Cereal Bowl - $20.00

H. Cup & Saucer Set - $20.00

Price: $0.00

Scottish Shield Christmas Ornament
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Scottish Shield Christmas Ornament

Price: $13.00
Scottish Tartan Golf Cap

Scottish Tartan Golf Cap Available in all tartans Click Here to view. One size fits all.

Please note that tartan golf caps take 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Price: $45.00

Scottish Wedding Blessing, Ceramic

Ceramic Scottish Wedding Blessing with Painted Thistles and Engraved Thistle Design Boarder

Love is patient,
Love is Kind,
It always protects,
Always trusts,
Always hopes,
Always perseveres,
Love never fails. 

Price: $30.00
Scottish Wedding Blessing, Framed

Framed with Embroidered Thistles.
Size: 8” x 10”


Price: $24.00

ScottishWestie Coffee Mug
Closeout price on a beautiful fine china coffee mug with 3 Westies laying on a set of bagpipes in the hills of Scotland
List Price: $15.00
Price: $7.50
Scott's Porage Oats
Scott's Porage Oats - 1Kg Box
Price: $10.00

Semi Dress Sporran With Hair
Leather sporran with bovine hair and matching tassels and thistle chrome faceplate 
Price: $170.00
Shamrock Celtic Weave Sporran

Made in the US and priced perfectly for anyone, the Shamroc Celtic Weave Sporran is a beautiful, leather sporran that is very budget friendly! 

The Sporran does come with an adjustable chain.

The Shamrock Celtic Weave Sporran goes perfectly with our Heritage of Ireland Casual Walking Kilt or any other kilt with Green in it.

Price: $90.00

Shamrock Christmas Ornament (Design A)

Ornate Fancy Shamrock Christmas Ornament made with green cloth felt and beautifully embroidered with gold thread.

Price: $13.00
Shamrock Christmas Ornament (Design B)
Shamrock Christmas Tree Ornament
Price: $13.00

Shamrock or Thistle Hose

Shamrock or Thistle Hose Embroidered.

Price: $30.00
Shepherd Pipe Bag

Zippered for easy access to inside. Includes humidifier. Faux-Hyde covering gives it the feel of a leather bag with none of the upkeep. Available in Small - Medium - Large

Price: $210.00
Out of Stock

Shepherd's Pie Mix
Colman's Shepherd's Pie Recipe Mix - Just Add Fresh Mincemeat (50g Bag)
Price: $3.00
Slainte Flask

Sláinte (Good Health) Flask 6 oz.
Pewter. Boxed with funnel.

Price: $56.00

Small Hackles

Small Hackles:
Assorted Colors: $20
Tri-color $25.00

Price: $20.00
Nestle Smarties - Candy Coated Milk Chocolate
Price: $1.50

Spare Buttons
Spare buttons for the Prince Charlie Jacket, Argyle Jacket, and 5 Button Vest
Price: $3.50
Spats White canvas

Scottish made Military Bagpipe Band white Spats.

Usually same size as shoe or one size up.
*All Spats and Hose are measured in MENS sizes only!

Made in Scotland and of the best quality you can get.  

There are many other, less expensive Spats out there, but they are nowhere near the quality.

Price: $70.00

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