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Nestle Smarties - Candy Coated Milk Chocolate
Price: $1.50
Spare Buttons
Spare buttons for the Prince Charlie Jacket, Argyle Jacket, and 5 Button Vest
Price: $3.50

Spats White canvas

Scottish made Military Bagpipe Band white Spats.

Usually same size as shoe or one size up.
*All Spats and Hose are measured in MENS sizes only!

Made in Scotland and of the best quality you can get.  

There are many other, less expensive Spats out there, but they are nowhere near the quality.

Price: $70.00
Sporran Chain

Sporran Chain
1. Small - To 34" waist

2. Regular - To 42” waist

3. Large - To 46” waist 

4. X-Large - To 52” waist

Price: $25.00

Sporran Suspenders
The Sporran Suspenders are suitable for more corpulent gentlemen and tend to avoid the inward pull that the regular sporran produces.
Price: $25.00
Stained Glass Lion Rampant Ornament
Sparkles when placed in front of lights or in a window.
Price: $14.00

Stained Glass Shamrock Ornament
Sparkles when placed in front of lights or in a window.
Price: $14.00
Stained Glass Thistle Ornament
Sparkles when placed in front of lights or in a window.
Price: $14.00

Stoneware Himself/Herself Coffee Mug
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Himself or Herself Coffee Mug
Price: $14.00

Stops air from going through stocks.
Small  $.75
Large  $1.00

Price: $0.75

Tams, Scarves and Sashes

Tam & Scarf Set Available in all Scottish tartans
Click here for available tartans
Tam  $30.00
Scarf  $30.00
Sash  $50.00

*We do not keep these items in stock, so please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.  
Price: $30.00
Tartan Clan Ties

Scottish Tartan Clan Ties 100% wool.
Click here for Available in tartans listed.

Price: $20.00

Tartan Cotton Dress

with white lining, lace collar, sleeves and hem. Sizes 1 year, 2 year, and 3 year.

Price: $45.00
Tartan Flask

“Tartan” Flask Pewter
Price: $56.00

Tartan Mary Janes

Boxed. Size 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18-24 months.

It is generally recommended to go up a size.

Price: $11.50
Tartan Santa Christmas Ornament
Cloth Tartan Santa Christmas Ornament - a must for any Scottish Christmas tree! Our Santa has a red tartan kilt outfit. 
Price: $15.00

Teflon Tape

Teflon Tape Smooths stock joints for easier tuning.

Price: $4.50
Tenor Drum Sticks

Tenor Drum Sticks
Plastic Shaft Made in Scotland.

Price: $52.00

Thistle Bone China Hostess Set

Beautiful Thistle patterned Bone China Hostess Gift combination saucer/plate with tea/coffee cup.

*Shortbread NOT included 

Price: $36.00
Thistle Boutonniere

Scottish Thistle & Heather Boutonnieres are perfect for weddings, Mother's Day, and other holidays.

Materials are synthetic and can vary slightly from the image. 

Price: $14.00

Thistle Celtic Weave Sporran

Made in the US and priced perfectly for anyone, the Thistle Celtic Weave Sporran is a beautiful, leather sporran that is very budget friendly! 

The Sporran does come with an adjustable chain.

The Thistle Celtic Weave Sporran goes perfectly with our Black Watch Casual Walking Kilt or any other kilt with Green in it.

Price: $90.00
Thistle Cheese Plate

Thistle patterned cheese plate, made from white porcelain with a beautiful green & purple thistle design edge.

*Cheese and Crackers NOT included 

Price: $22.00

Thistle Christmas Ornament
Thistle Christmas Tree Ornament
Price: $14.00
Thistle Dress Sgian Dubh with Amber Stone

Dress Sgian Dubh with thistle design and amber stone.
Price: $88.00

Thistle Paperweight

Thistle Paperweight Boxed. Real thistle.

Price: $28.00
'Tis Himself/Herself Bibs
Children's bibs with "'Tis Himself" or "'Tis Herself" surrounded by a heart of shamrocks
Price: $7.00

Toasting Quaich

Toasting Quaich Traditional Scottish Toasting Vessel. Pewter
2-1⁄2” Diameter $36.00
3-1⁄2” Diameter $45.00
4-1⁄2” Diameter $54.00

Price: $36.00
Tote Bag
Handy for carrying pipes around for long periods of time, such as parades. (Storage bag w/belt loops included

Price: $30.00

Traditional Irish Tunes for the Bagpipe

Traditional Irish Tunes For The Bagpipe

By Dave Rickard

Price: $24.00
Trebor Extra Strong Mints
Trebor Extra Strong Mints Tube - A Minty Bit Stronger!
Price: $1.50

Tru-Tone Practice Reed

Practice reeds for Practice Chanters, Goose Chanters, and Practice Pipes

Price: $6.50
Turkish Delight
Fry's Turkish Delight - Raspberry & Rose Flavored Jelly covered with Milk Chocolate
Price: $1.75

W. Ross Collection
Pipe Major W. Ross Collection.  Books 1-5
Price: $20.00
Walnut Whip
Nestle Vanilla Walnut Whip - Milk Chocolate Whirl with a Vanilla Flavor Fondant Cream Center, topped with a Walnut
Price: $1.50

Water Bottle Holder

Leather Bottle Holder with belt loops. 

Conveniently holds a can of Guinness perfectly!

*Bottle is for visual purpose only and does not come with the product*

Price: $30.00
Wee Laddie/Lassie Bibs
Children's bibs with the words "Wee Lassie" or "Wee Laddie" with Scottish dog outlines
Price: $7.00

Westie Tea Cozy

Keep your tea warm with our adorable denim Tea Cozy with red tartan accents and embroidered Westie. 


Other patterns available - please call us at 1-800-447-1737 for the most up-to-date stock. 

Price: $22.00
White Baby Blanket

Wrapped in Scottish love or Irish love

Price: $24.00

Wispa by Cadbury
Wispa Chocolate Bar by Cadbury. Light, bubbly chocolate covered in rich Cadbury milk chocolate. Originally discontinued in 2003, public outcry and an internet campaign to "Bring Back the Wispa" convinced Cadbury to do exactly that in 2008. Find out what all the fuss was about and order one today!
Price: $1.50
Wooden Christmas Ornament: Claddagh

Carved wooden Christmas Ornament in a Claddagh design.

2 sided.

Price: $14.00

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