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Highland Hose

Highland Hose with “Aran” type design. For those with a heftier calf size (Up to 22”)

Bottle Green

Small - 6.5 - 8.5
Medium - 9 - 11
Large - 11.5 to 13.5 

Price: $54.00
Milk Chocolate HobNobs 250g
Price: $4.00

Hooded Zippered Baby Sweater

Hooded Zippered Baby Sweater Aran pattern, Very cozy. Sizes 0-12 months and 12-24 months.

Price: $32.00
HP Sauce - Glass Container
HP Sauce in a Glass Container (255g)
Price: $3.50

HP Sauce - Plastic Container

HP Sauce in a 425g Plastic Container with Squeezy Top

Price: $5.75
Infant Kilts

Baby's First Kilt! Polyester blend kilt with adjustable velcro waistband. Sizes 6-12 months and 12-24 months. Available in Royal Stewart, Black Watch or Dress MacKenzie tartans.

Price: $35.00

Inflatable Guinness Ice Bucket
Need a place to keep your Guinness cold at a party? This is the perfect, portable cooler.  Just blow it up, add ice and beer, and you're good to go. 24" tall.
Price: $25.00
INIS Cologne for Men and Women

Inis Famous Irish Cologne

Cologne for Men and Women

50ml / 1.7 fl oz.  

Price: $35.00

Irish 6-Pack Beverage Belt

This Irish! 6-Pack "Beverage" holder is perfect for tailgating, grilling, or just watching the game.  No trips to the cooler needed (at least until lucky number 7)

Adjustable, one size fits all

Price: $22.00
Irish Harp Christmas Ornament
Irish Harp Christmas Ornament
Price: $12.00

Irish Tartan Ties & Scarves

Irish National Tartan Tie & Scarf

32 Irish County Tartan Ties and Scarves are also available.

Tie  $22.00

Scarf  $28.00

Price: $22.00
Irish Teabag Holders
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Beautiful teabag holders. Great for wedding gifts.

 Approximately 3 inches across

Price: $5.00

Irn Bru
Irn Bru, 1 Bottle
Price: $2.50
Jacobite Kilt Shirt
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New polyester/cotton. Includes laces.
Available in Navy, Bottle Green, Cream, and Black.

Sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, XXX-Large.

Please allow a size up, as it should be worn relaxed.

Price: $60.00

Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor
The Piobaireachd Bible
Price: $95.00
Kilt Belts

All belts are leather and made in Scotland. Dressred smooth backing. Belts are sized in 2” increments.

2 1/4” Dress Belt

30” - 46” $48.00

48” - 60” $54.00

2 1/2” Military Belt

30” - 46” $48.00

48” - 60” $54.00

Price: $48.00

Kilt Drink Coasters (Set of 4)
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Set of 4 Kilt Coasters
Price: $5.50
Kilt Hanger

Our Kilt Hangers are approximately 14” wide and fit through the loops in the back of the kilt to hang them properly, keeping the pleats intact.  

*We insert a small screw to keep the plastic clip from falling off 

Price: $10.00

Kilt Pin

Kilt Pin with select Clan Names.
Click Here To View Available Clans

Also available in Lion Rampant, Scottish Thistle, Irish Harp, Piper, and Shamrock

Price: $25.00
Kiltie Beer Cooler
Inflatable Beverage Cooler with a Kiltie Design
Price: $18.00

Kiltie Bottle Opener Magnet
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Magnetic bottle opener shaped like a kilt

Attach it to your refrigerator and use whenever necessary!

Price: $5.00
Kiltie Flask

Flask with a Kiltie design

Available with Red or Green kilt

Design may vary slightly

Price: $15.00

Kiltie Luggage Tag
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Suitcase Tag in the shape of a Kilt. Never lose your bag at the airport again!
Price: $6.75
Kiltie Playing Cards
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Playing cards shaped like kilts.  A great gift for anyone
Price: $4.00

Kiltie Shot Glasses
Set of 2 kilted shot glasses in Red & Blue "tartans"
Price: $6.75
Kiltie Socks

Brimming with kilt detail including kilt pin, sporran and buckle, these Kiltie Socks are great fun.

One size fits all.  

Fiber Content:
70% Cotton
28% Polyester
2% Spandex

Price: $5.50

Kiltie Towel
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Looks like a long kilt, complete with sporran. Great conversation piece. Approximately 30” x 60”.

Pattern may vary slightly

Price: $28.00
Kiltie Towel for Children

You’re never too young to show your patriotism by donning an Instakilt. Suitable for children from around 4 years to 10, it’s based on the original red kilt towel tartan design but with a traditional leather sporran design that’s unique to the children’s sized towel.

The kids Instakilt is made from the same high quality towelling as our adult kilt towels which means it washes well and dries even better, and we hear the kids kilt towel has become hugely popular at bath times in homes around Scotland.

100% cotton
Colour – Red
Size: 40inches x 22inches
Price: $15.00


All of our kilts are 100% wool and are 8-9 yards of material. All of the tartan fabric used in our kilts are made in Scotland or Ireland and are of the absolute highest quality.

Available in medium and heavy-weight tartans.

We have thousands of Scottish Clan and District and Irish County tartans available.

***As each kilt is custom-made to the individual, we prefer to discuss your needs via e-mail or telephone. Please contact us to place your order***

Hips to 44”   $495.00
46” and over $535.00


Price: $495.00
Kitchen Pipes

Kitchen Pipes - The ultimate in piping fun!  This versatile economical instrument can be used for practicing on your own, playing at parties, or just plain Piping Fun!

This set of Kitchen Pipes is a fine musical instrument with a rich sound.  While not as loud as the Highland bagpipes, they have a firm and dignified presence.

Practice chanter reeds are used in the drones and chanter. A long Pipers' Choice practice chanter is used with this set. It can be detached from the bag and used as a practice chanter. 

Comes with a soft padded case and a small tutor book with CD.

Price: $299.00

Korg CA-40 Tuner

This pocket-sized Korg CA-40 tuner has proved to be very popular with pipers as a final tuning operation. It fits easily into one’s pocket and uses 4 AAA batteries. This item is usually purchased with the Third Hand. This makes it easy to tune to a Low A while having one hand free to tune the drones.
Price: $25.00
Korg MA-30 Metronome

This Korg MA-30 digital metronome is equipped with beats, tempo range, BPM counter, reference tones and more. Operates on 2 AAA batteries.
Price: $25.00

Korg TM-40 Combination Tuner and Metronome

The Korg TM-40 Combination Tuner and Metronome is an effective means of getting both the Tuner and Metronome in one. 


Price: $40.00
Lace Wedding Garter & Embroidered Thistle Hanky Set
Lace Wedding Garter and embroidered Thistle design hanky set, comes boxed. A thoughtful and elegant Wedding or Bridal Shower gift!
Price: $25.00

Large Christmas Ball Ornament - Thistle Pattern

Large ceramic Christmas Ball with a unique lattice cut is adorned with gold accents and a thistle pattern. A beautiful ornament for a Scottish Christmas tree!
Price: $15.00
Large Hackles

Large Hackles:  (For Feather Bonnet)
Assorted Colors: $35
Tri-Color: $41.50

We have many  more colors and combinations of colors.  If you are looking for a color that is not listed, please call to place the order.  

Price: $35.00

Lattice Ceramic Christmas Ball - Claddagh Pattern


Large ceramic Christmas Ball with a unique lattice cut is adorned with gold accents and a a gold claddagh pattern. A beautiful ornament for an Irish or Celtic Christmas tree!

List Price: $15.00
Price: $9.00
Layered Scotland Zip-Up Jacket

Layered Scotland Zip-Up Lightweight jacket. Our most popular. Available in white with navy accents.

*Only Large is Available*

List Price: $46.00
Price: $24.00

Leather Bottle Holder

Leather Bottle Holder with belt loops. 

Conveniently holds a can of Guinness perfectly!

*Bottle is for visual purpose only and does not come with the product*

Price: $30.00
Leather Pouch

Leather Pouches with belt loops
Small $35.00 (4 X 5)
Large $48.00 (5 X 7)

Extra storage while wearing Kilt. Many people use it to carry personal items like wallet, keys, or cellphone.

Others use it to carry maintenance pieces like spare reeds, a bagpipe tuner, and/or hemp 

Price: $35.00

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