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Barry's Breakfast Tea

Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea with 80 Bags

(Image is of box of 40, but the product has 80 bags)

Price: $7.00
Barry's Decaf Tea

Barry's Decaf Tea with 80 Bags

Price: $10.75

Barry's Tea Gold Blend
Barry's Tea, Gold Blend with 80 bags
Price: $7.00
Branston Pickle
Branston Original Sweet Pickle (360g Jar)
Price: $6.00

Chef Mixed Pickles
Chef Mixed Pickles - Contains Cauliflower, Silverskin Onions, and Gherkin Pickles (355g Jar)
Price: $3.75
Golden Shred Marmalade
Robertson's Golden Shred Orange Marmalade - 454g Jar
Price: $6.00

Heinz Sticky Toffee Pudding
Delicious..... just delicious!
Price: $6.00
Matthew Walker Christmas Pudding 454g/1lb

Price: $9.00

Scott's Porage Oats
Scott's Porage Oats - 1Kg Box
Price: $8.75
Shepherd's Pie Mix
Colman's Shepherd's Pie Recipe Mix - Just Add Fresh Mincemeat (50g Bag)
Price: $3.00

Silver Shred
Robertson's Silver Shred Lemon Marmalade - 454g Jar
Price: $5.00