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Black Balmoral

Black Balmoral with Red Pom
Plain  $65.00

Other Pom colors available. 

This is the highest quality Balmoral available.  It does not fray and fall apart, like many other Balmorals do.  They will last through years of heavy use

(Hackle and Badge not included)

Price: $65.00
Black Glengarry with Red Pom

Black Glengarry with red pom.

Other Pom colors available*

This is the highest quality Glengarry available.  It does not fray and fall apart, like many other Glengarries do.  They will last through years of heavy use

(Hackles & badges not included with Glengarry)

*Glengarries come standard with a Red Pom.  If you need another color, we will include it at no extra charge, but we do not sew it on in case the size of the glengarry is not correct and needs to be returned. 

Price: $70.00

Clan Crest Ties
Nylon Clan Crest Ties include small clan crests embroidered on a navy blue background.

Available in 59 clans as well as St. Andrew’s Cross, Lion Rampant and Shamrock designs.

Price: $25.00
Cummerbund & Bow Tie Sets

Available in all tartans Click here to view available tartans. (Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery)

Waist to 40” $60.00
40” and over. $64.00


Price: $60.00

Irish Tartan Ties & Scarves

Irish National Tartan Tie & Scarf

32 Irish County Tartan Ties and Scarves are also available.

Tie  $22.00

Scarf  $28.00

Price: $25.00
Large Hackles

Large Hackles:  (For Feather Bonnet)
Assorted Colors: $35
Tri-Color: $41.50

We have many  more colors and combinations of colors.  If you are looking for a color that is not listed, please call to place the order.  

Price: $35.00

Scottish Clan Tie
Scottish Clan Tie incorporates images of many of the Scottish clan tartans. Very colorful and interesting!
Price: $25.00
Small Hackles

Small Hackles:
Assorted Colors: $20
Tri-color $25.00

Price: $20.00

St. Andrew's Golf Cap
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St. Andrew’s Golf Cap
Home of Golf

Available as a Blue hat with Green Brim


Green Hat with Blue Brim  

Price: $15.00
Tams, Scarves and Sashes

Tam & Scarf Set Available in all Scottish tartans
Click here for available tartans
Tam  $30.00
Scarf  $30.00
Sash  $50.00

*We do not keep these items in stock, so please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.  
Price: $30.00

Tartan Clan Ties

Scottish Tartan Clan Ties 100% wool.
Click here for Available in tartans listed.

Price: $20.00