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In this section, you will find everything for formal dress. Argyle Jackets, Bonnie Prince Charlie Jackets, Kilts from all the Scottish and Irish clans, Sporrans, Sgian Duhs, Belts Buckles and accessories.

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$301.00+ - $16.00 S&H
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Argyle Jacket

The Argyle Jacket is 100% wool barathea with gauntlet cuffs and silk braided epaulets. Available in regular and long. 

Sizes from:
36”-44” Chest  $320.00
46”-60” Chest  $340.00

*The Argyle Jacket is considered the equivalent of Suit Jacket, where the Prince Charlie Jacket is the equivalent of a Tuxedo Jacket. 

**If you are looking to enhance the look of the Argyle Jacket, our 5 Button Vest is beautiful and helps make it more appropriate for extremely formal events. 

Price: $320.00
Band Spec Rain Capes
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The revolutionary new BANDSPEC cape has been an outstanding success since its launch in early 2005. It is now the first choice of pipe bands worldwide.

The Band Spec Bagpiper's Rain Cape is an absolute necessity for any Piper or Drummer when playing in the rain or snow.

Designed by Mister Antony to be the most versatile Bagpipe Rain Cape out there.It is made from superior quality wrinkle-resistant oxford weave polyester fabric with a matte finish. 100% waterproof guaranteed. Specially developed & tested by P/M Robert Mathison (House of Edgar Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band - Grade-1 World Champions 2005) with unique new features never before incorporated into any bandsmans raincape.

  • An extra deep pocket for a Glengary

  • Special non-slip patch under the arm to hold the bagpipes in place
  • A pocket designed to hold drum sticks
  • A case with belt loops so you can carry the cape without wearing it.  
List Price: $98.00
Price: $85.00

Black Balmoral

Black Balmoral with Red Pom
Plain  $65.00

Other Pom colors available. 

This is the highest quality Balmoral available.  It does not fray and fall apart, like many other Balmorals do.  They will last through years of heavy use

(Hackle and Badge not included)

Price: $65.00
Black Glengarry with Red Pom

Black Glengarry with red pom.

Other Pom colors available*

This is the highest quality Glengarry available.  It does not fray and fall apart, like many other Glengarries do.  They will last through years of heavy use

(Hackles & badges not included with Glengarry)

*Glengarries come standard with a Red Pom.  If you need another color, we will include it at no extra charge, but we do not sew it on in case the size of the glengarry is not correct and needs to be returned. 

Price: $70.00

Bottle Opener Sgian Dubh

Horn handle Sgian Dubh with a bottle opener.  Sure to get more use than a blade!

 Due to the bone handle, designs vary and may appear different from the image.  

Price: $30.00
Braemar Sporran

Ideal for pipe bands, Celtic design top.

*Sporrans do NOT come with a chain 

Price: $250.00

Budget Sgian Dubh

A budget friendly Sgian Dubh for those with a tendency to lose things.  

Flat Chrome Top (No Stone)
Thistle Design
Very sharp Stainless Steel blade

This product is a surprisingly good quality item, not a cheap knock off.

Price: $12.00
Cantle Top Military Sporran

Horsehair with black tassels and full pouch on back. Available in Shamrock or Thistle

*Sporrans do NOT come with a chain 

Price: $325.00

Cap Badge

Click here to view available clan crests.

Also available in Irish Harp, Shamrock, Thistle, Piper, and Lion Rampant

Price: $28.00
Cast Top Sporran

White horsehair with black tassels. Engraved with. Shamrock or Thistle design.

*Sporrans do NOT come with a chain 

Price: $345.00

Casual Celtic Sgian Dubh with Ball Top

Sgian Dubh with Celtic design and chrome ball top.

Price: $48.00
Casual Celtic Sgian Dubh with Green Stone

Sgian Dubh with celtic design & green stone.
Price: $65.00

Casual Thistle Sgian Dubh with Amber Stone

Sgian Dhu with amber stone & thistle design.

Price: $65.00
Celtic Dress Sgian Dubh with Green Stone

Dress Sgian Dubh with green stone & Celtic design.
Price: $88.00

Celtic Dress Sporran

The Celtic Dress Sporran has White rabbit fur with black tassels and leather studded targe.

*Sporrans do NOT come with a chain 
Price: $295.00
Celtic Top Sporran

Antique cantel with bovine finish and black tassels.

*Sporrans do NOT come with a chain 

Price: $280.00

Celtic Weave Sgian Dubh with Pewter Handle and Amber Stone
Celtic Weave Sgian Dubh with Pewter Handle and Amber Stone
Price: $68.00
Celtic Weave Sporran

Made in the US and priced perfectly for anyone, the New Celtic Weave Sporran is a beautiful, leather sporran that is very budget friendly! 

The Sporran does come with an adjustable chain.

The Celtic Weave Sporran goes perfectly with our Casual Walking Kilt line or any other kilt for that matter

Price: $90.00

Clan Crest Buckle

Includes Clan Crest of your choice.  Fits 2-1/4” belt.

Click here to view available Clan Crests

Enter Clan Crest name in box below


Price: $65.00
Clan Crest Ties
Nylon Clan Crest Ties include small clan crests embroidered on a navy blue background.

Available in 59 clans as well as St. Andrew’s Cross, Lion Rampant and Shamrock designs.

Price: $25.00

Cummerbund & Bow Tie Sets

Available in all tartans Click here to view available tartans. (Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery)

Waist to 40” $60.00
40” and over. $64.00


Price: $60.00
Custom Made Kilt

All of our kilts are 100% wool and are 8-9 yards of material. All of the tartan fabric used in our kilts are made in Scotland or Ireland and are of the absolute highest quality.

Available in medium and heavy-weight tartans.

We have thousands of Scottish Clan and District and Irish County tartans available.

***As each kilt is custom-made to the individual, we prefer to discuss your needs via e-mail or telephone. Please contact us to place your order***

Hips to 44”   $525.00
46” and over $565.00


Price: $525.00

Daywear Horn Sgian Dubh

Daywear synthetic “Horn” Sgian Dubh has Robert Burns poem on back of the handle. Available with Amber stone or Celtic design.
Price: $55.00
Dress Celtic Edge Design Buckle

Antique Finish Buckle Celtic design buckle for 2-1/4” belt.

Chrome Finish: $30

List Price: $45.00
Price: $30.00

Dress Sporran

This Dress Sporran has White Rabbit fur with black tassels available with Police or Firefighter’s emblem.

*Sporrans do NOT come with a chain 
Price: $295.00
Five Button Vest
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The five button vest is perfect for any piper playing in the heat of summer.  It looks much better than just wearing a shirt and tie, and keeps you cooler than having to wear a jacket

Also wear this under the Argyle Jacket to create a more formal look than the Argyle Jacket alone.  It makes it more appropriate for black tie events. 

Lightweight polyesterSizes 36” to 52” (Allow a size larger)

Cloth Back - $55

Please be advised that these items are not always available and may sometimes be put on back order.  Check with the store to see if your size is available at the time of your order if there is a rush 

Price: $55.00


Flashes Available in many colors and shades to match the main color of the kilt.

If the color of the Kilt Flashes you need is not listed, please contact us by phone or email.  

If you are not sure of the exact shade of the Kilt Flashes, just put what you think it is, and write a message in the order form with your Kilt's tartan, and we will match it the best we can
Price: $20.00
Flask Buckle & Belt
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Stainless Steel flask and holder do double duty as a belt buckle.  Leather belt attached.  Flask is engraved with either Celtic Knot or Shamrock

S- up to 34'
M- to 38'
L- to 44'
XL- to 48'

Price: $48.00

Ghillie Brogue Laces & Tassels
Spare Ghillie Brogue Laces with tassels.
Price: $12.00
Ghillie Brogues Composite Soles

Ghillie Brogues come with laces and tassels.

Very comfortable and heard wearing. Was specifically designed with a slightly bigger 'toe box' to allow for swelling after a long day on your feet.

Composite soles:
Sizes 6 to 14. (whole and half sizes)

Composite Sole has a tread on it which makes it more stable on slippery surface

Price: $110.00

Ghillie Brogues Leather Soles
Ghillie Brogues come with laces and tassels

Very comfortable and heard wearing. Was specifically designed with a slightly bigger 'toe box' to allow for swelling after a long day on your feet.

Leather soles:
Sizes 5 to 13 (whole and half sizes)
Sizes 14 to 17 (whole sizes only)

Price: $135.00
Highland Hose

Highland Hose with “Aran” type design. For those with a heftier calf size (Up to 22”)

Bottle Green

Small - 6.5 - 8.5
Medium - 9 - 11
Large - 11.5 to 13.5 

Price: $54.00

Irish Tartan Ties & Scarves

Irish National Tartan Tie & Scarf

32 Irish County Tartan Ties and Scarves are also available.

Tie  $22.00

Scarf  $28.00

 *We have limited stock in store. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Price: $25.00
Jacobite Kilt Shirt
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New polyester/cotton. Includes laces.
Available in Navy, Bottle Green, Cream, and Black.

Sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, XXX-Large.

Please allow a size up, as it should be worn relaxed.

Price: $65.00

Kilt Belts

All belts are leather and made in Scotland. Dressred smooth backing. Belts are sized in 2” increments.

2 1/4” Dress Belt

30” - 46” $48.00

48” - 60” $54.00

2 1/2” Military Belt

30” - 46” $48.00

48” - 60” $54.00

Price: $48.00
These extenders attach to the kilt strap and give you additional "Room for Growth" in your kilt.  3 are generally needed for a standard kilt, though some have less.  
Price: $5.00

Kilt Hanger

Our Kilt Hangers are approximately 14” wide and fit through the loops in the back of the kilt to hang them properly, keeping the pleats intact.  

*We insert a small screw to keep the plastic clip from falling off 

Price: $10.00
Large Hackles

Large Hackles:  (For Feather Bonnet)
Assorted Colors: $35
Tri-Color: $41.50

We have many  more colors and combinations of colors.  If you are looking for a color that is not listed, please call to place the order.  

Price: $35.00

Leather Bottle Holder

Leather Bottle Holder with belt loops. 

Conveniently holds a can of Guinness perfectly!

*Bottle is for visual purpose only and does not come with the product*

Price: $30.00
Leather Pouch

Leather Pouches with belt loops
Small $35.00 (4 X 5)
Large $48.00 (5 X 7)

Extra storage while wearing Kilt. Many people use it to carry personal items like wallet, keys, or cellphone.

Others use it to carry maintenance pieces like spare reeds, a bagpipe tuner, and/or hemp 

Price: $35.00

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