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This section contains everything you need to maintain your pipes.

Hemp, Bore Oil, Pull thru, Drone Brush, Reed Protectors, 3rd Hand, Chanter Brush, Mouth Protectors, Moisture Controllers, Bees Wax, Chanter Tape, Teflon Tape, Airtite Seasoning, Stoppers Lil Mac Valve, Flapper Valve, Tuner, Metronome, Tone Enhancer's, Beck Valve, Black & Bees Wax Set.

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"Q" Practice Chanter Reed
Fits well in pretty much any chanter. It take a medium air flow, and provides good volume. They are packaged individually in a plastic reed pack to protect them when not in use. Comes with a free reed adsorb to help with moisture control in the practice chanter..
Price: $9.50
Abbott Practice Chanter Reed
The Abbott practice chanter reed is known for it's full tone, high volume, and wide blades. This will give your practice chanter a small pipe like sound when playing.
List Price: $12.00
Price: $9.50

Airstream Blowpipe
Includes mouthpiece. Has built-in flapper valve. Sizes 8, 9, 10, 11,  12”
Price: $110.00
Airstream Mouthpiece
Comfortable and restriction free. We thread mouthpiece in the store so it will fit most blowpipes. Available in 3 sizes: 3-1/2” , 4-1/2” , 5-1/2”
Price: $28.00

Airtite Seasoning

Airtite Seasoning Seasons and strengthens the inside of leather pipe bags.

Price: $22.00
Bagpipe Tone Enhancers

A must have! These install inside the bag to the bottom of the drone stocks. They help tremendously with starts and stops. Most importantly, they slow the flow of air to the drone reeds, effectively steadying the sound, reducing double toning , and taking significantly less air overall.
Price: $40.00

Bannatyne Hybrid (Hide/Synthetic) Pipe Bag


Bannatyne Hide/Synthetic Hybrid Bag for the bagpipes. 

This is very quickly becoming one of the most popular pipe bags in the world.  It combines all of the benefits of a leather bag and a synthetic bag into one.  There is almost no maintenance (no seasoning!) and it has the weight and reliability of a leather bag.

The zipper is located closer to the bottom of the bag for easier access to the inside and less interference while playing. Available in Small Extended, Medium, Large, and Willie McCallum Custom.

The Willie McCallum Custom size is roughly the girth of the Medium bag, with a shape similar to the Small Extended.  It is the best parts of both combined.

  • Extended Small – Depth 241mm x Length 675mm
  • Medium – Depth 267mm x Length 675mm
  • Large – Depth 292mm x Length 735mm
  • Willie McCallum Custom – Depth 255mm x Length 700mm



List Price: $210.00
Price: $185.00
Bannatyne Synthetic Pipe Bag

Bannatyne Synthetic Pipe Bag

synthetic material with zipper on the bottom to avoid interference while playing. Available in small extended, medium, and large sizes.

Price: $155.00

Beck Valve

While other water traps store water inside of the bag, this less obtrusive item actually stops it from ever getting inside in the first place. Simply remove the blowpipe and tilt the stock down to drain. We do not sell any other water traps because we believe this is far superior to all the other, more expensive ones.

Price: $40.00
Bees Wax

Bees Wax - Used to wax dry hemp to your liking.

Price: $4.50

Bore Oil

Used together with pull-thru to moisturize the insides of the bagpipes stocks to prevent cracking.

Price: $6.00
Canmore Bag

With zipper (not shown) Zippered for easy access to inside. Gore-Tex material is light and reliable. Available in)
Small - Medium - Large

Price: $195.00

Chanter Brush

Chanter Brush - Used to clean the inside of the bagpipe chanter.
Price: $8.00
Chanter Tape

Helps make tuning adjustments to individual notes. Does not leave a sticky residue and tears off the spool easily.

Price: $5.00

Cobler's Wax

Black Cobbler's Wax

Price: $6.00
Drone Brush

Drone Brush - used to clean the inside bores of the bagpipe drones
Price: $8.00

Flapper Valve

Cheap, effective means of preventing air in the bagpipes from escaping through the blowpipe.

Price: $5.00
Flex Stick
Adjustable in length and angle to accommodate almost anyone. 1/2" diameter bore for easier blowing. Comes with interchangeable round or oval mouthpiece and pre-installed one way valve.
Price: $110.00

Frazer Sleeve

Fits over the pipe bag to give the heavier more comfortable feel of a leather bag. Also protects the arm from the zipper.

Price: $25.00

Hemp - Used between interlocking joints on the bagpipes to keep them from slipping. We suggest using one waxed and one unwaxed spool twisted together to give you the best combination of absorbancy and stickiness.

Black Waxed Hemp, 2oz  $15.00

Yellow Waxed Hemp, 2 oz $15.00

Dry Yellow Hemp, 2 oz     $12.00

Price: $15.00

Kilt Hanger

Our Kilt Hangers are approximately 14” wide and fit through the loops in the back of the kilt to hang them properly, keeping the pleats intact.  

*We insert a small screw to keep the plastic clip from falling off 

Price: $10.00
Korg CA-1 Tuner

This pocket-sized Korg CA-1 tuner has proved to be very popular with pipers as a final tuning operation. It fits easily into one’s pocket and uses 4 AAA batteries. This item is usually purchased with the Third Hand. This makes it easy to tune to a Low A while having one hand free to tune the drones.
Price: $28.00

Korg MA-30 Metronome

This Korg MA-30 digital metronome is equipped with beats, tempo range, BPM counter, reference tones and more. Operates on 2 AAA batteries.
Price: $28.00
Korg TM-40 Combination Tuner and Metronome

The Korg TM-40 Combination Tuner and Metronome is an effective means of getting both the Tuner and Metronome in one. 


Price: $44.00

Leather Bottle Holder

Leather Bottle Holder with belt loops. 

Conveniently holds a can of Guinness perfectly!

*Bottle is for visual purpose only and does not come with the product*

Price: $30.00
Leather Pouch

Leather Pouches with belt loops
Small $35.00 (4 X 5)
Large $48.00 (5 X 7)

Extra storage while wearing Kilt. Many people use it to carry personal items like wallet, keys, or cellphone.

Others use it to carry maintenance pieces like spare reeds, a bagpipe tuner, and/or hemp 

Price: $35.00

Lil Mac Valve

A higher quality version of the flapper valve. Installs and removes easily.

Price: $16.00
Moisture Controllers

Moisture Controllers for practice chanters. Small sponges that attach to the base of the practice reed. 12 per package.
Price: $5.00

Mouth Protectors

Goes on the top of the mouthpiece to absorb the shock to the teeth. Also enlarges the size of the mouthpiece reducing lip "Blow-out". Set of 2.

Price: $4.00
Pipe Reed Carrier
Safe & handy way to carry and store your spare reeds. (Purchase reeds separately)
Price: $14.00

Piper's 3rd Hand

Covers the D, C and B holes to easily play a Low A while tuning the droves with your free bottom hand.

Price: $14.00
Premium Piping Gloves
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Premium version of the Fingerless Piping Gloves. The material is noticeably warmer and tougher, so they will last longer, and keep you warmer.  The Top is sewn in such a way that won't fray, and stays tighter around the fingers.  Overall, a large improvement over an already great product. 

Small is for children. Medium fits most men and women.  Large is very large hands

List Price: $27.00
Price: $24.00



Price: $4.50
Reed Protector

Protects the reed while chanter is out of the chanter stock.

Price: $20.00

Shepherd Pipe Bag

Zippered for easy access to inside. Includes humidifier. Faux-Hyde covering gives it the feel of a leather bag with none of the upkeep. Available in Small - Medium - Large

Price: $210.00
Out of Stock

Stops air from going through stocks.
Small  $.75
Large  $1.00

Price: $0.75

Teflon Tape

Teflon Tape Smooths stock joints for easier tuning.

Price: $4.50
Tote Bag
Handy for carrying pipes around for long periods of time, such as parades. (Storage bag w/belt loops included

Price: $30.00