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"Q" Practice Chanter Reed
Fits well in pretty much any chanter. It take a medium air flow, and provides good volume. They are packaged individually in a plastic reed pack to protect them when not in use. Comes with a free reed adsorb to help with moisture control in the practice chanter..
Price: $9.50
Abbott Practice Chanter Reed
The Abbott practice chanter reed is known for it's full tone, high volume, and wide blades. This will give your practice chanter a small pipe like sound when playing.
List Price: $12.00
Price: $9.50

Bagpipe Chanters

A. McCallum (BC-MC) $160.00

B. Shepherd (BC-SH) $160.00

C. Naill (BC-NA) $160.00

D. Warnock (BC-WA) $160.00

E. McCallum Wood (BC-MCW) $260.00

F. W.McCallum Wood (BC-WMCW) $340.00

Price: $160.00
Classic Redpipes, Electronic Bagpipes
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**Currently, all orders for Redpipes are Special Order Only and will take approximately 4 weeks for delivery**


Price: $1,550.00

College of Piping Practice Tutors
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*College of Piping Book 1 now has a new cover featuring Gordon Walker.  All information is the same*

A. College of Piping Book 1
A must for beginners. Teaches a tune immediately
after learning the scale. (CP-B1) $35.00

B. College of Piping Book 2
Care and Maintenance of the Bagpipe. Also a must
for the new piper. (CP-B2) $35.00

C. College of Piping Book 3
Slightly more advanced with the more popular
tunes. (CP-B3) $35.00

Price: $35.00
Electronic Chanter by Ross Technologies
Made by Ross Technologies. Tone is adjustable, as is volume. Harmonies can be played at the touch of a button. Earphones not included, but does have a socket for them. Speaker built in. Uses 9V battery (not included)
Price: $220.00

Fagerstrom Technochanter

An extremely handy electronic chanter. Does not have a speaker, but comes with earphones so as not to bother anyone around.  

Buttons are HIGHLY sensitive which make for a much less forgiving chanter and is overall a much more "Professional" level electronic chanter.  Absolutely excellent for travel and practice during work

Adjustable pitch, and volume .  No drone sound

Battery and earphones ARE included.
(Headphones may vary)



List Price: $289.00
Price: $285.00
Fagerstrom Technopipes

An advanced version of the Fagerstrom Technochanter

Highly portable. Fits in your pocket. Perfect to play on the road. Authentic highland bagpipes, and two different smallpipes sounds. Drones sound with optional E or D drone. Built-in metronome. Adjustable contact sensitivity. Recording capabilities, with variable playback speed. MIDI output (cable included).

Battery and earphones are included.
(Headphones may vary)

List Price: $399.00
Price: $380.00

Kitchen Pipes

Kitchen Pipes - The ultimate in piping fun!  This versatile economical instrument can be used for practicing on your own, playing at parties, or just plain Piping Fun!

This set of Kitchen Pipes is a fine musical instrument with a rich sound.  While not as loud as the Highland bagpipes, they have a firm and dignified presence.

Practice chanter reeds are used in the drones and chanter. A long Pipers' Choice practice chanter is used with this set. It can be detached from the bag and used as a practice chanter. 


Price: $299.00
Practice Chanters

A. Children's (PC-CH) $55.00

B. Adult (PC-AD) $60.00

C. McCallum Short Wood (PC-SWO) $110.00

D. Long (PC-LO) $85.00

E. McCallum Plastic (PC-PL) $110.00

F. McCallum Wood (PC-WO) $160.00

Price: $55.00