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In this section, you will find bagpipes and accessories. McCallum Bagpipes, pipe bags and electronic bagpipes. A selection of chanters and maintenance products including cleaning materials, tone enhancers reeds and cases.

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Korg TM-40 Combination Tuner and Metronome

The Korg TM-40 Combination Tuner and Metronome is an effective means of getting both the Tuner and Metronome in one. 


Price: $44.00
Leather Bottle Holder

Leather Bottle Holder with belt loops. 

Conveniently holds a can of Guinness perfectly!

*Bottle is for visual purpose only and does not come with the product*

Price: $30.00

Leather Pouch

Leather Pouches with belt loops
Small $35.00 (4 X 5)
Large $48.00 (5 X 7)

Extra storage while wearing Kilt. Many people use it to carry personal items like wallet, keys, or cellphone.

Others use it to carry maintenance pieces like spare reeds, a bagpipe tuner, and/or hemp 

Price: $35.00
Lil Mac Valve

A higher quality version of the flapper valve. Installs and removes easily.

Price: $16.00

McCallum AB2/P2 Bagpipes

McCallum's AB2/P2 Bagpipes have Imitation ivory projecting mounts, beaded nickel ferrules, slides and beaded nickel ringcaps, imitation ivory bushes, nickel and imitation ivory mouthpiece with McCallum pipe chanter.

African blackwood Bagpipes(AB2) $1,245.00

Polypenko plastic Bagpipes(P2) $925.00

Price: $1,245.00
McCallum AB3/P3 Bagpipes
McCallum's AB3/P3 bagpipes have imitation ivory projecting mounts, imitation ivory ferrules, slides and imitation ivory ringcaps, imitation ivory bushes, nickel and imitation ivory mouthpiece with McCallum pipe chanter.

African blackwood Bagpipes(AB3) $1,325.00
Polypenko plastic Bagpipes (P3) $1000.00
Price: $1,325.00

McCallum AB4/P4 Deluxe Bagpipes

This is by far and away the most popular set of bagpipes. 

McCallum's AB4/P4 bagpipes have Imitation ivory projecting mounts, engraved nickel ferrules, engraved nickel ringcaps, imitation ivory bushes, engraved nickel and imitation ivory mouthpiece with McCallum pipe chanter.

African blackwood Bagpipes(AB4) $1,520.00

Polypenko plastic Bagpipes(P4) $1,045.00

Price: $1,520.00

Used set of McCallum Bagpipes with hand engraved sterling silver, and real ivory. Celtic design. 

Pipes have been cleaned and it is a brand new bag. 

Comes 100% ready to play with a new bag, bag cover, cords, tone enhancers, drone reeds, McCallum chanter and chanter reed

Price: $6,000.00

Moisture Controllers

Moisture Controllers for practice chanters. Small sponges that attach to the base of the practice reed. 12 per package.
Price: $5.00
Mouth Protectors

Goes on the top of the mouthpiece to absorb the shock to the teeth. Also enlarges the size of the mouthpiece reducing lip "Blow-out". Set of 2.

Price: $4.00

Pipe Reed Carrier
Safe & handy way to carry and store your spare reeds. (Purchase reeds separately)
Price: $14.00
Piper's 3rd Hand

Covers the D, C and B holes to easily play a Low A while tuning the droves with your free bottom hand.

Price: $14.00

Practice Chanters

A. Children's (PC-CH) $55.00

B. Adult (PC-AD) $60.00

C. McCallum Short Wood (PC-SWO) $110.00

D. Long (PC-LO) $85.00

E. McCallum Plastic (PC-PL) $110.00

F. McCallum Wood (PC-WO) $160.00

Price: $55.00
Premium Piping Gloves
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Premium version of the Fingerless Piping Gloves. The material is noticeably warmer and tougher, so they will last longer, and keep you warmer.  The Top is sewn in such a way that won't fray, and stays tighter around the fingers.  Overall, a large improvement over an already great product. 

Small is for children. Medium fits most men and women.  Large is very large hands

List Price: $27.00
Price: $24.00



Price: $4.50
Reed Protector

Protects the reed while chanter is out of the chanter stock.

Price: $20.00

Regular Pipe Case

With felt lined interior, lock and corner protectors.

Price: $95.00
Shepherd Pipe Bag

Zippered for easy access to inside. Includes humidifier. Faux-Hyde covering gives it the feel of a leather bag with none of the upkeep. Available in Small - Medium - Large

Price: $210.00
Out of Stock


Stops air from going through stocks.
Small  $.75
Large  $1.00

Price: $0.75
Teflon Tape

Teflon Tape Smooths stock joints for easier tuning.

Price: $4.50

Tote Bag
Handy for carrying pipes around for long periods of time, such as parades. (Storage bag w/belt loops included

Price: $30.00
Tru-Tone Practice Reed

Practice reeds for Practice Chanters, Goose Chanters, and Practice Pipes

Price: $6.50

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