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McCallum AB4/P4 Deluxe Bagpipes
McCallum AB4/P4 Deluxe Bagpipes

Imitation ivory projecting mounts, engraved nickel ferrules, engraved nickel ringcaps, imitation ivory bushes, engraved nickel and imitation ivory mouthpiece with McCallum pipe chanter.
African blackwood (AB4) $1,520.00

Polypenko plastic (P4) $1,045.00

We at the Piper's Cove deal exclusively with McCallum Bagpipes and Shepherd Bagpipes because we believe they are of the highest quality and service in the industry. We have a fantastic personal relationship with the makers and meet with them frequently. We will always go out of our way to make sure the set you decide to buy will be perfectly suited to you and that you will never need to "Upgrade" to a better set.

McCallum Bagpipes released the plastic bagpipes in 2007 to great reviews. They are a beautiful mix of affordability, visual attractiveness, and quality of sound. Many pipers are now buying plastic pipes as a secondary or backup set in order to keep their primary set safe during inclement weather, travel, and other situations where they could be damaged.

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Price: $1,520.00

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