McCallum Bagpipes

We are proud to present The Clasp Collection - an exclusive range of deluxe mounted Great Highland Bagpipes.

The Clasp Collection offers the player a variety of options from plain Nickel mounts on the AB1 Deluxe set to the
high-end fully engraved Mopane and Gold mounted AB4 Deluxe set.

Whether you are a serious competitor or just plain serious about the bagpipes you play, the choice of instruments
in The Clasp Collection range of bagpipes harness luxurious refinement with uncompromising sound quality that
only a set of McCallum Bagpipes can produce.

All bagpipes in The Clasp Collection range are fitted with hemp retainers and supplied with mouthpiece, plastic
pipe chanter & Ezeedrone reeds.

To find out more about the bagpipes in The Clasp Collection and see the high level of craftsmanship, we invite
you to download our full colour brochure.

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